Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The ABC's Of Me!

The ABC's of me


I got this off of Bonnie’s blog, and thought, oh, I want to do this too!!  So, here it goes, and who knows, perhaps you might learn something new!

A - Age: 32 – 33 in April (share this day with both my husband AND Bonnie)

B - Bed size: Queen, but only recently, my husband and I shared a double for almost 7        years….my next goal is a king….that way we won’t even have to touch at all!!

C - Chore you hate: putting away laundry.

D - Dog's name: Bristol, he’s a very goobery, but lovable St. Bernard.

E - Essential start of the day item:  snooze button

F - Favorite color: Most recently, anything bright and bold…like lime green.

G - Gold or Silver:  Gold, and not white gold either

H - Height: 5”4”

I - Instruments you play: Nothing now, Clarinet in grade 7 and 8.  I could not read a sheet of music to save my life.

J - Job: Office Administrator at an Orthotics Clinic

K - Kids: Hayden, 4 year old boy, Abigail (Abby) 1 year old girl….the million dollar family, still waiting for the cheque in the mail

L - Living arrangements:  bungalow with a full basement in the village of Keene

M - Music you love:  listen mostly to country or rock, but not heavy metal rock or anything like that

N - Nicknames: Aim…my dad used to call me Bill

O - Overnight hospital stay at hospital: 2 kids =  2 c-sections

P - Pet Peeve: depends on the day…, people who think they have to rush while the road conditions are terribly…better to arrive late than not at all

Q - Quote from a movie: To infinity and beyond (I am only allowed to watch cartoons now that I have kids)

R - Right handed or left: Right handed

S - Siblings: it’s just me.

T - Time you wake up: unless one of the kids gets me up, alarm goes off at 7:15, up around 7:30.

U - Underwear: granny panties, but nothing in bed or under my pj’s

V - Vegetable you dislike: would be a much shorter list if I listed what vegetables I DO like.

W - Workout Style: chasing a toddler around the house

X - X-rays you've had: dentist and kidney scan.

Y - Yummy food you make: I think everything I make is yummy… my philly cheese steak sandwiches.

Z - The best place to visit: Yukon baby!!

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  1. If it's the best place to visit - you'd better get your butt up here!!