Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Think I Know Why My Plan Failed!

Yesterday, I blogged about how I had an evil, diabolical plan to knock Daddy of the pedestal of greatness!

I think I now know why my kitten tactic failed me!

I LIE TO MY KIDS....A LOT  (see previous post about my mother of the year qualities, or lack of them!)

Hayden was under the assumption that we were going to the market to get a cow...actually, 2 cows.  A brown one and a white one.

The story goes....last Tuesday, I bought a bag of milk and by Wednesday night, the kids drank all of milk! I said we were going to have to get our own cows if that kept up. 

I even told Hayden he could get a brown one for chocolate milk, but we better get a white one for Abby!

So, I figure he didn't want the kitten so there would be room for the cows!

He did look for the cows at the market...but in true excellent parent fashion...I told him they must already be sold out!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Attempt To Toss Dad Off His Pedestal

I'm not sure if anyone else's household with kids is like this...


In the eyes of his kids that is, which is great, don't get me wrong, but mom is SOOOOO under appreciated.

I mean, we are the ones that cook for them....something different then the main meal, because they want grilled cheese instead.  We make sure they have clean underwear and socks.  Bake for special occasions and wrap birthday presents. 


We are also the ones to enforce rules, issue time outs and say no.

Dad however, has the life of Riley.  He goes to work and comes home each day and the moment he pulls in the drive way....a small chorus of "DADDY" rings through the house and the stampede heads to the doorway, ready to jump all over him and smother him with hugs and kisses! 

I on the other hand, get
"mom, you're home, what did you bring me?"
"Can I have a cookie?"
"Please wipe my bum!"

So, this weekend, I cooked up a diabolical plan to steal the affections of my son and make dad look like the meany.

We went to the farmers' market on Saturday and there is a stand of FREE KITTENS!!

This is the conversation:

"Oh, Hayden, kittens...let's go look"

"Oh, Hayden, are they not so cute and tiny?"

"Oh, Daddy, I think the kids would love one, let's get one...Hayden you want a kitty right?"

(see, the thing is...I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER CAT!!!  We have 2 and some days, it's 2 too many, but I knew dad would say no, and I could be all....See, dad is the meany, I would have let you have the cute cuddly kitten, but Dad squashed those dreams!! me more, 'cause I was all for a kitten!"

Honest, to goodness, this is what Hayden says, with NO prompting.

"no, we already have Nuggett and Tiggy, we don't need a kitten!"


What child says no to a kitten, especially after it's nibbled on it's finger?!?!

Hmm...must think up new plan!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why I Won't Win Mother Of The Year

I was chatting with a girlfriend and was delightfully pleased to know that when they hand out the Mother of the Year awards...she will be standing right beside me on the sidelines...making fun of the winner!!

These are a few of the reasons I won't win:

  1. I lie to my kids....A LOT!! 
  2. I eat their I need it!
  3. I say things that I know will make them cry!
  4. There is a very real chance that any pictures I have taken since Abby was born, will never be printed and lost completely when the computer crashes.
  5. I secretly want to burn Hayden's baby book, just so I don't feel like I need to do one for Abby too.
  6. When daddy is not home for dinner, I pray Hayden tells me he wants canned pasta for supper...COLD!
  7. I have let him have nothing but fudgicles for breakfast! 
  8. I did not go watch Hayden play ONE SINGLE game of soccer this year!
I am sure there are a TON more reasons, but these are the top ones!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Blog Love

I admit....I am addicted to blogs.  It wasn't until I checked out a blog that belonged to one of my friends that I even knew what a blog was...but after that, there was no going back.  I even hopped aboard the blog train and started my very own.  I love everything about blogs....writing them, reading them, their different templates, finding out people read mine.  I have about 6 - 7 blogs that I follow on a regular basis and I find myself constantly checking to see if they have been updated...and when I say constantly....I mean, at least every hour!  How you ask, do I get to do that when I work 4 days a week?  Work has Internet....and to be totally honest, I don't check it as often when I am not at work because I can't get away from the kids to do so and I am not fancy enough to have it go right to my phone.  I would be in so much trouble if I did. 

I even find myself checking out blogs of strangers and sometimes getting caught up in their lives.

There is a blog for get about anything.  For a long time, I was always on the prowl for new crafting blogs, they would keep my interest for hours.

But I have just started following one that I LOVE!!!! 

The library was having a bake sale, and I like to find new things to try that will make people drool and demand to know where I got the recipe.  I remembered that one of my other blog-owning friends mentioned some awesome fudge-related recipe (need I say more?) and I thought I would follow the link to the blog.


I wish I had checked it out sooner!!


Not only does all the food, rather I mean desserts, look awesome and fairly easy to make, the woman is HILARIOUS!!  Or maybe it's just me who thinks so.  I am now trying to catch up on pages of blog posts and am on page 22 right now!  I can relate to so many things she writes about...I feel like she is writing about me some days!

So, now I am blog addicted to hers and spend WAY too many work hours reading it!  Do I feel guilty about that?  Nope, not really...I'm too busy laughing to concern myself.

So, I have made plans to re-create a few of the recipes for the bake sale.  I'll blog with pictures and how I made out, but if they look SUPER yummy and you demand you MUST have the recipe, I'm going to link you back to her site...because I think EVERYONE should read it...EVERYDAY...just like me....just so I don't feel like a stalker!  ALONE!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nair Away That Hair!

I forgot....I LOVE NAIR!!!

We bought some a couple years ago for Brian.

OK, let me explain....Brian shaves his head and I actually haven't seen him with a bit of hair in the 8 years we have been together.  At some point, he decided that instead of shaving his head, he would Nair it.  So, we bought the type for coarse hair and slathered it on!!  Problem was....we were living at our old house and didn't have a shower...just a tub.  Why would that be a problem you ask?  Well, Brian was afraid to get into the tub and just wash it off in fear that the residue in the water would remove ALL of his body hair!  I was only joking when I told him it would!

Anyway, we washed it off in the sink and it didn't have the desired effects.  So, for anyone who has used it, knows it's expensive stuff!  Not to see it go to waste and the fact that I HATE shaving my legs, I decided to give it a whirl!  I LOVED IT!!!!  Easy peasy!  Longer lasting then a razor shave.

It got packed up when we moved, shoved into the back of a cupboard and totally forgotten about until I was going through the cupboard this week.  BINGO!!! I mean, my husband is coming home....should probably shave those puppies!  I wasn't sure if the active ingredient would still be "active" but it didn't let me down.  Now, that is the way to shave...slather the cream on and sit and watch TV for 10 minutes.

Then, I got thinking....have you ever read the warnings on the back of these products....this is part of the warning on the back of the nair bottle:

"Do not use around eyes, in nose, in ears, on breast nipples, perianal or vaginal/genital areas."

I always laugh and wonder why they need to use these warnings...should common sense not dictate that warning itself?

This is how I imagine the conversation in the head of the person responsible for the warnings.

"Wow, that worked great on my legs...hmmm...Nair removes hair....and I have hair down, let's put Nair down there and make it bare!"

Sorry folks, hope I didn't offend anyone who actually had that thought process...I was just impressed with my wee little "ditty".

Anyway....if you haven't Naired away the Hair...give it a shot!

Monday, July 4, 2011

That Was Just Plain Ol' Cheesy!!!

OK, well as anyone who reads my blog knows...I have been a "single mom" for the past week.  One of the problems I face when alone with the kids, is cooking meals!  My kids are picky (some are gasping...what?!?!  YOUR kids picky?  Wonder where they get THAT from!)  They won't eat most of what I make, and Hayden would be happy with grilled cheese or spider man shaped canned pasta...Abby eats yogurt, cheese and some sort of bread product.  So, I haven't really cooked and just focused on simple.  On my way home from work today, I was CRAVING Kraft Dinner and hot dogs.  I KNOW!!  Not the best, but I always have a box in the cupboard for when the mood strikes.  (My kids won't eat it, btw!)

Everything is all ready, time to add the cheesy goodness!  You all know what I am talking about...that 1 package of cheese powder that ALWAYS leaves you wishing it was just a tad bit bigger.  As per usual, I grab the package by the top and give it a few good hard shakes to move the powder to the bottom! 




It was in my face, my hair, my shirt, the counter and stove.  Thankfully, there was still enough for the KD! 

**Special tip to increase the cheesy goodness....add a good spoonful of Cheese Whiz!** 
(Learned that golden  tip from my mama!)

It was VERY yummy by the way!

As if I didn't have enough on my plate for the night...the library is having a bake sale for the month of July to raise money for new books for the children's department.  I had purchased all the ingredients to make Rice Krispie squares.  Usually the kids are in bed by 7.  Hayden had soccer, so his night was a bit later.  My devil child however had completely different plans for the evening.  By 8:15, she was still in bed, just bawling!  Cried so hard that she puked!  Now, I have about 1, 000, 000 things to do AND make bake sale treats!

The over-achiever I am, can't just make simple squares...OK, well I made simple squares but it's all about presentation.  I wrapped them all in cling wrap, then fancy cellophane and then they looked a little blah still, so I found some ribbon in my stash o' crap, fancied up some little tags and tied them on.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Through The Eyes Of A 4 Year Old

Today, Hayden wanted to take some pictures with the I showed him what button to push and let him go wild.  Some of the shots were full of fingers or blurry, but some were not too bad.  Here is a sampling of his work. 

Face Cloth in the pool

Clean Laundry

Peony Bush

Tomato Plant # 1

Tomato Plant # 2

Tomato Plant # 3

Friday, July 1, 2011

When Daddy Is Away.....

Mom has to find something to do with the kids before she pulls out all her hair.

I think I have mentioned before...I love my kids to bits, but am not meant to be a stay at home mom.  Bless all those who have the patience to do so, but I love going to work and having "me time"

So, today is the start of a long weekend, which usually is great, but with Brian away, to me, it just means one extra day home with the kids with no one to provide a few minutes of relief.

So, I decided to take the kids to a local reptile zoo.  I knew the kids would like it and Brian is not a big fan of snakes, so I figured it would be one adventure he might not miss.

We made plans to pick Gramma up at 10.  Then I remembered that it's Canada Day and there is a local parade.  We walked down the road to watch the parade while Gramma finished getting ready.  Usually we are in the parade, but I just didn't get it together in time this year, so we were mere observers.  It was a good parade this year with a few more additions than usual.  Afterwards, they always have free cake and hot dogs, but quite frankly, neither one is thrilling enough to make me brave the mass amounts of people.  We stood and watched the parade with one of Hayden's school friends.

Then we loaded up and went to the reptile zoo.  It's a great little place really.  Mostly snakes and lizards in cages.  They have a tank of turtles that you can watch them swim around in.  Abby loved that and kept saying " Hi Doggy", there is also a crocodile and an alligator.  Outside are some tortoises.  Hayden's favorite part was when the crocodile climbed out of the water and ventured out the door to the pen outside.  There was also a live demo show with a turtle, lizard and snake.  Hayden was able to touch the snake, but he wasn't too excited about it.

Getting ready in our matching shirts
I have given up getting pictures with both kids looking at the camera

All the bikes in the parade...we are usually right in the middle of the chaos!

Hayden and the snake

The large tortoises

Gramma and her Grandbabies!

The crocodile

Hayden and the crocodile
The kids fell asleep on the drive home and I just parked the van in the garage and let them finish their nap.  It was long enough for me to have a quite lunch.  We did a few things inside when they woke up, and then we played outside until dinner time.  I actually cooked dinner tonight, which I haven't done since Brian left.  Then, Hayden rode his smart cycle while Abby had her bath.  I put her to bed and let Hayden have his bath while I cleaned up the kitchen.

This is what happens when you leave your 4 year old alone in the tub with a can of foam soap!

The tub looked like a pink milkshake and Hayden pretty much needed a bath to clean up after his bath!  Ah well, he was happy and I got done what I wanted to do!