Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why I Won't Win Mother Of The Year

I was chatting with a girlfriend and was delightfully pleased to know that when they hand out the Mother of the Year awards...she will be standing right beside me on the sidelines...making fun of the winner!!

These are a few of the reasons I won't win:

  1. I lie to my kids....A LOT!! 
  2. I eat their I need it!
  3. I say things that I know will make them cry!
  4. There is a very real chance that any pictures I have taken since Abby was born, will never be printed and lost completely when the computer crashes.
  5. I secretly want to burn Hayden's baby book, just so I don't feel like I need to do one for Abby too.
  6. When daddy is not home for dinner, I pray Hayden tells me he wants canned pasta for supper...COLD!
  7. I have let him have nothing but fudgicles for breakfast! 
  8. I did not go watch Hayden play ONE SINGLE game of soccer this year!
I am sure there are a TON more reasons, but these are the top ones!

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