Friday, July 1, 2011

When Daddy Is Away.....

Mom has to find something to do with the kids before she pulls out all her hair.

I think I have mentioned before...I love my kids to bits, but am not meant to be a stay at home mom.  Bless all those who have the patience to do so, but I love going to work and having "me time"

So, today is the start of a long weekend, which usually is great, but with Brian away, to me, it just means one extra day home with the kids with no one to provide a few minutes of relief.

So, I decided to take the kids to a local reptile zoo.  I knew the kids would like it and Brian is not a big fan of snakes, so I figured it would be one adventure he might not miss.

We made plans to pick Gramma up at 10.  Then I remembered that it's Canada Day and there is a local parade.  We walked down the road to watch the parade while Gramma finished getting ready.  Usually we are in the parade, but I just didn't get it together in time this year, so we were mere observers.  It was a good parade this year with a few more additions than usual.  Afterwards, they always have free cake and hot dogs, but quite frankly, neither one is thrilling enough to make me brave the mass amounts of people.  We stood and watched the parade with one of Hayden's school friends.

Then we loaded up and went to the reptile zoo.  It's a great little place really.  Mostly snakes and lizards in cages.  They have a tank of turtles that you can watch them swim around in.  Abby loved that and kept saying " Hi Doggy", there is also a crocodile and an alligator.  Outside are some tortoises.  Hayden's favorite part was when the crocodile climbed out of the water and ventured out the door to the pen outside.  There was also a live demo show with a turtle, lizard and snake.  Hayden was able to touch the snake, but he wasn't too excited about it.

Getting ready in our matching shirts
I have given up getting pictures with both kids looking at the camera

All the bikes in the parade...we are usually right in the middle of the chaos!

Hayden and the snake

The large tortoises

Gramma and her Grandbabies!

The crocodile

Hayden and the crocodile
The kids fell asleep on the drive home and I just parked the van in the garage and let them finish their nap.  It was long enough for me to have a quite lunch.  We did a few things inside when they woke up, and then we played outside until dinner time.  I actually cooked dinner tonight, which I haven't done since Brian left.  Then, Hayden rode his smart cycle while Abby had her bath.  I put her to bed and let Hayden have his bath while I cleaned up the kitchen.

This is what happens when you leave your 4 year old alone in the tub with a can of foam soap!

The tub looked like a pink milkshake and Hayden pretty much needed a bath to clean up after his bath!  Ah well, he was happy and I got done what I wanted to do!

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