Monday, July 18, 2011

My Attempt To Toss Dad Off His Pedestal

I'm not sure if anyone else's household with kids is like this...


In the eyes of his kids that is, which is great, don't get me wrong, but mom is SOOOOO under appreciated.

I mean, we are the ones that cook for them....something different then the main meal, because they want grilled cheese instead.  We make sure they have clean underwear and socks.  Bake for special occasions and wrap birthday presents. 


We are also the ones to enforce rules, issue time outs and say no.

Dad however, has the life of Riley.  He goes to work and comes home each day and the moment he pulls in the drive way....a small chorus of "DADDY" rings through the house and the stampede heads to the doorway, ready to jump all over him and smother him with hugs and kisses! 

I on the other hand, get
"mom, you're home, what did you bring me?"
"Can I have a cookie?"
"Please wipe my bum!"

So, this weekend, I cooked up a diabolical plan to steal the affections of my son and make dad look like the meany.

We went to the farmers' market on Saturday and there is a stand of FREE KITTENS!!

This is the conversation:

"Oh, Hayden, kittens...let's go look"

"Oh, Hayden, are they not so cute and tiny?"

"Oh, Daddy, I think the kids would love one, let's get one...Hayden you want a kitty right?"

(see, the thing is...I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER CAT!!!  We have 2 and some days, it's 2 too many, but I knew dad would say no, and I could be all....See, dad is the meany, I would have let you have the cute cuddly kitten, but Dad squashed those dreams!! me more, 'cause I was all for a kitten!"

Honest, to goodness, this is what Hayden says, with NO prompting.

"no, we already have Nuggett and Tiggy, we don't need a kitten!"


What child says no to a kitten, especially after it's nibbled on it's finger?!?!

Hmm...must think up new plan!!!

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