Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Think I Know Why My Plan Failed!

Yesterday, I blogged about how I had an evil, diabolical plan to knock Daddy of the pedestal of greatness!

I think I now know why my kitten tactic failed me!

I LIE TO MY KIDS....A LOT  (see previous post about my mother of the year qualities, or lack of them!)

Hayden was under the assumption that we were going to the market to get a cow...actually, 2 cows.  A brown one and a white one.

The story goes....last Tuesday, I bought a bag of milk and by Wednesday night, the kids drank all of milk! I said we were going to have to get our own cows if that kept up. 

I even told Hayden he could get a brown one for chocolate milk, but we better get a white one for Abby!

So, I figure he didn't want the kitten so there would be room for the cows!

He did look for the cows at the market...but in true excellent parent fashion...I told him they must already be sold out!!

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