Monday, July 4, 2011

That Was Just Plain Ol' Cheesy!!!

OK, well as anyone who reads my blog knows...I have been a "single mom" for the past week.  One of the problems I face when alone with the kids, is cooking meals!  My kids are picky (some are gasping...what?!?!  YOUR kids picky?  Wonder where they get THAT from!)  They won't eat most of what I make, and Hayden would be happy with grilled cheese or spider man shaped canned pasta...Abby eats yogurt, cheese and some sort of bread product.  So, I haven't really cooked and just focused on simple.  On my way home from work today, I was CRAVING Kraft Dinner and hot dogs.  I KNOW!!  Not the best, but I always have a box in the cupboard for when the mood strikes.  (My kids won't eat it, btw!)

Everything is all ready, time to add the cheesy goodness!  You all know what I am talking about...that 1 package of cheese powder that ALWAYS leaves you wishing it was just a tad bit bigger.  As per usual, I grab the package by the top and give it a few good hard shakes to move the powder to the bottom! 




It was in my face, my hair, my shirt, the counter and stove.  Thankfully, there was still enough for the KD! 

**Special tip to increase the cheesy goodness....add a good spoonful of Cheese Whiz!** 
(Learned that golden  tip from my mama!)

It was VERY yummy by the way!

As if I didn't have enough on my plate for the night...the library is having a bake sale for the month of July to raise money for new books for the children's department.  I had purchased all the ingredients to make Rice Krispie squares.  Usually the kids are in bed by 7.  Hayden had soccer, so his night was a bit later.  My devil child however had completely different plans for the evening.  By 8:15, she was still in bed, just bawling!  Cried so hard that she puked!  Now, I have about 1, 000, 000 things to do AND make bake sale treats!

The over-achiever I am, can't just make simple squares...OK, well I made simple squares but it's all about presentation.  I wrapped them all in cling wrap, then fancy cellophane and then they looked a little blah still, so I found some ribbon in my stash o' crap, fancied up some little tags and tied them on.


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