Friday, July 8, 2011

Blog Love

I admit....I am addicted to blogs.  It wasn't until I checked out a blog that belonged to one of my friends that I even knew what a blog was...but after that, there was no going back.  I even hopped aboard the blog train and started my very own.  I love everything about blogs....writing them, reading them, their different templates, finding out people read mine.  I have about 6 - 7 blogs that I follow on a regular basis and I find myself constantly checking to see if they have been updated...and when I say constantly....I mean, at least every hour!  How you ask, do I get to do that when I work 4 days a week?  Work has Internet....and to be totally honest, I don't check it as often when I am not at work because I can't get away from the kids to do so and I am not fancy enough to have it go right to my phone.  I would be in so much trouble if I did. 

I even find myself checking out blogs of strangers and sometimes getting caught up in their lives.

There is a blog for get about anything.  For a long time, I was always on the prowl for new crafting blogs, they would keep my interest for hours.

But I have just started following one that I LOVE!!!! 

The library was having a bake sale, and I like to find new things to try that will make people drool and demand to know where I got the recipe.  I remembered that one of my other blog-owning friends mentioned some awesome fudge-related recipe (need I say more?) and I thought I would follow the link to the blog.


I wish I had checked it out sooner!!


Not only does all the food, rather I mean desserts, look awesome and fairly easy to make, the woman is HILARIOUS!!  Or maybe it's just me who thinks so.  I am now trying to catch up on pages of blog posts and am on page 22 right now!  I can relate to so many things she writes about...I feel like she is writing about me some days!

So, now I am blog addicted to hers and spend WAY too many work hours reading it!  Do I feel guilty about that?  Nope, not really...I'm too busy laughing to concern myself.

So, I have made plans to re-create a few of the recipes for the bake sale.  I'll blog with pictures and how I made out, but if they look SUPER yummy and you demand you MUST have the recipe, I'm going to link you back to her site...because I think EVERYONE should read it...EVERYDAY...just like me....just so I don't feel like a stalker!  ALONE!


  1. Have you checked out Bakerella??

  2. You are just too sweet. I really enjoyed your post (well, it was about course it was the best ever). Thank you so very much for reading!!