Thursday, June 30, 2011

Married For A Reason!

This past May, my husband and I were married 6 years.  As far as it's been great and productive.  I mean, we have 2 kids to show for it.

Our marriage is full of love and understanding for each other.  We balance each other out pretty well.  We know when the other is frustrated and can defuse the other to calm the situation.

This past Tuesday, Brian called me at work, asking if he could go to Nunavut.  Work needed him to go up there to unload and set up one of his machines.  Usually, the service department takes care of this aspect, but the other service guys were busy.  Brian is the only other person who knows the Crushers. 

We both felt it would be a good experience, partly considering he would like to go to service and service requires A LOT of time away from home.

This means.....I am a single mother for the week.  Let me just say, I am SOOOO not meant to be a single mom!  Like I said, we balance each other out and quite frankly....he does TONS around the house and his being gone means I have to do the crappy jobs that are cleaning up after the dog and taking out the garbage!

I don't mind the alone part so much, except at bedtime...the house seems to quiet.

Hayden is upset and misses Daddy....and doesn't understand when he will be home.

I personally think it is good for our relationship to be apart for a bit....absence really does make the heart grow fonder!  This is the video I sent to Brian from the kids. I hope he gets it, and that it doesn't make him cry.  It's pretty cute!

So, there you go...a blog update.  My girlfriend had to remind me it's been awhile since my last update.  But really nothing exciting had happened.  This one is not real exciting or funny.  Perhaps I will blog about our adventures tomorrow.  Hoping to take the kids to the reptile zoo!

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