Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bicycle Thief

So, I told you how we found a number of bikes at yard sales a couple of weeks ago and mom and I both got ours planted.  She was very worried about it being under the tree and someone stealing it.  I sort of laughed and thought....we live in a small village, I doubt anyone is going to steal an old bike that is clearly set up as decoration in some one's yard.

This morning I was surprised when Dad called to ask me to come over and help him.  Apparently, someone did in fact try and steal her bike.  Dad had them caught but wanted me to help him deal with the would-be thief.  So, I thought this would be a good opportunity to show Hayden what a bike thief looks like and teach him a lesson in humanity as well. 

I had to bring my camera with ID and all.  But I thought I would share some pictures....might help others be aware and keep an eye out for the "perp"

 The thief in action

A close up so you can see his face for the "line up"

Hayden after we convinced him the "perp" would not attack
 He's got a firm grip on him now!

The "perp" attacking...guess we were wrong

Hayden being thrown to the ground

Hayden with the final "pin down"

Another close up before we handed him over to professionals

Did I have to going for a minute there?  Dad did call this morning about 8:15 and asked if I had a busy day planned....he told me he had a turtle in his yard and thought Hayden might like to see it.  I made Hayden phone grampa back and ask him what he had in his yard.  Hayden was so excited!  He dropped the phone while trying to get all his stuff ready to go "sorry ok?  I just dropped you!"

I have never seen that kid get dressed so fast!

We were in the car and over to help Grampa in about 10 minutes.  Dad said he was sitting at the table having breakfast when he thought he saw a large dove.  He got out the binoculars and lo and behold...a turtle. The thing must have been lost, because there is no water around mom and dads. 

After letting the kids check him out and take a few photos, we took him down to the river to release him.  I tried to get a video of the release, but man...could that turtle move!  He was in the water in no time flat!  So, our day started out with helping mother nature!  How cool is that!  See folks, THAT is why I can't live in the city!

P.S.  did you notice that there are no pictures of Abby with the turtle?  She touched it once and cried in terror after that!

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