Monday, June 20, 2011

No Hanky Panky, Mister!

I now find that as our marriage gets "older", certain things change....the main one being....I no longer feel obligated to go to bed at the same time as Brian.

His work hours have changed, he starts at 5 in the morning and works until about 5 at night.  It's no wonder that he is ready for bed at 9 and is usually asleep in the chair by 9:30.

Last night, he went to bed and I said I would be up in about an hour. 

" ok, well, when you come to bed....scratch my back for me, will ya?"

 Yeah, right hunny....put that on the top of my list.

Anyhoo, around 10:30 I went to bed.  Keep in mind, when I go, it's dark and I don't turn on a light.

I crawl under the blankets and something just doesn't feel right.  I run my hand over Brian and feel my mistake...I am laying on top of the flat sheet.  So, I reach up to pull it down and all I grasp is the fitted sheet.  What the heck?!?!  I turn on the light and just start to howl in laughter...Brian is all curled up in the fitted sheet.  I try to wake him up, but he doesn't move.  Oh worries of wandering hands tonight ;-)
About 2 minutes later, he did get up and "fix" the sheet.

So, this morning, seeing the bed was half unmade, I washed the sheets and had the sitter hang them out.

Do you suspect this was him just trying to invoke the "clean sheet" rule?  With men, all things are possible!

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