Monday, June 6, 2011

A Busy Weekend

This past weekend seemed very short but was very productive.  We spent all of Saturday morning in town, which was a great way to beat the rain, but I hate doing that.  For me, a couple hours is good and then I just want to be home.  We picked up some flowers for the gardens and did a few other things ( I will show you the most adventurous at the end of the post, so stay tuned!)

Do you remember last week I talked about my yard sale finds and the garden we started?  Well, here is a continuation and a few more photos of the rest of my gardens in progress.

This was my other yard sale find.  I had seen the idea on someone else's blog.  I told mom what I wanted to try and find and she wanted one too.  We hit the jackpot at the yard sales with a total of 5 being found!


I had originally envisioned it under a tree, but after moving it around the yard under all the trees, I didn't love it under any of them, so I put it next to the front step and I think it's perfect.  I still am going to add a plant to the back has a bracket for the back that we picked up at a different yard sale.

I also bought some flowers for my metal wagon that I bought last year. It's not old, just looks that way, but I love it too!

The other garden addition I did last year was an idea I saw on Rachel Ray.   I had been looking for a focal point for my garden, but couldn't come up with one.  Then I saw this idea and knew I had to re-create it!  I have gotten a number of comments on it and that makes me happy!

Just imagine it with flowers cascading out of the bottom 2 drawers
 It didn't weather so well after the winter, all the paint came off, so we brought it in and Brian scraped and re-painted. I will get some plants for it and something to adorn the top.

Ready for some more pictures?  Here is the garden we stared last weekend:

I decided to incorporate a dry river bed.  Grampa made Hayden this bridge (not very well, might I add Grampa!)  and I didnt' know where else to put it and it didn't look right to me just sitting in the dirt.  So, to me, this is the perfect solution.  My girlfriend Teri would be so proud of me!  As a family yesterday, we went ROCK PICKING to gather all of these rocks.  I need a few more to fill it up and maybe some smaller ones to close the gaps

The last few are of a couple items that have been around for awhile, but I never photographed them and by the time I got to it last night, it was getting dark, so not the greatest quality.

 Hayden "stole" this from Gramma and Grampas' last year

 The old window frame came from Aunt Chris's
and we cut down the trellis to add it to the top

I had this at the other house and the rocks made the move with us!

OK, so I know you have been waiting with baited breath...what was the most adventurous thing we did!?!

We got Abby's ears pierced!   I know, I know, I can hear the gasps and shrieks and cries of what horrible parents we are!  Really, it was all Brian's idea.  He has wanted to get this done for ages and I have held him off this long.  I wanted to do it too, but didn't want to cause her any pain, that is why I didn't do it.  They look so cute though and after the initial shock and pain, she has forgotten about it.

So, here is hoping your weekend was as great as mine!

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