Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shocking Really!

This weekend, I was blessed with one of those

"I TOLD YOU SO" moments....every woman knows what I am talking about, and secretly...we all LOVE them!

Our house is hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year for my extended family and are very delighted to do so, however, there were a number of things I wanted to do before then and made quite the TO DO list for my dear hubby!  First off, let me say...he has been working his little heart out to get this stuff done and it looks great.  The only thing I have gotten done on my half of the list is nap...and actually, it wasn't on the original list, I just added that after he poked fun of me.  He's been busy painting the living room and with the left over paint, we painted the laundry room.  Now, with all that nice fancy paint, we needed updated electrical outlets and switches.   (and when I say "we", it's in the collective sense and really means Brian!)

This past Sunday, he did the laundry room and at about 3:30, was finally able to do the outlet in the laundry room. It was the regular routine of

"you watch and tell me when the lights go out",
because seriously...who's electrical panel in the dark basement is clearly labeled?!?!

So, I do my duty and let him know.  He runs upstairs and tackles changing the outlet.

Shortly there after, I hear "F**K!!!!  That sucker's still live!"

I didn't laugh right out of the gate, I did ask if he was ok and I sincerely meant it.  But then I started mocking him.  See, he wrongly assumed that the lights and switches were on the same breaker.  But THAT is not my reason for making fun of him!

See, when we were doing the kitchen, he had troubles with one of the light switches, because it was a two-way switch and eventually, he called the neighbour over to look.  The neighbour had this "fancy" little tool to let you know if there is still power to an outlet BEFORE you stick the metal screwdriver in.  Brian just HAD to have one of these! 

"It's only about 5 bucks and I will use it ALL THE TIME!"

Whatever..have at it, if it makes you happy!

Did he use that tool in this particular case?  Nope!  THAT ladies and gentlemen, is why I laughed at him. 

BTW, I warned him he gave me a perfect story for my blog.  Anyone up for more embarrassing Brian stories?   I have lots and really, he can't stop me!  Divorce me perhaps, but that would be too costly!  Plus, he couldn't survive without me! :-)

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