Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kitchen and Garden Update

It's been so long, you probably don't even remember that I was working on updating my kitchen.  Last you saw, we had painted it a bright lime green.

That is where I stopped updating on my blog about the kitchen. 

Well, except for the floor, the kitchen is officially done!

On one wall, we put up some wainscoting left over from Mom and Dad's kitchen reno.  I felt it would help break up the brightness of the green.

For Christmas 2 years ago, Mom and Dad gave us the vinyl wall art you can see.   I hung it up in the front closet and waited and waited and waited until my kitchen was painted before putting it up. I knew right where I wanted it to go.

I love this quote and anyone who knows us well, knows that this is very pertinent to Brian's parents.  That is the reason mom picked it up for us!

In my mind, I knew exactly what I wanted in material for curtains.  It was just a matter of going to the fabric store and looking for it.  I picked up material for my curtains from the clearance section a while ago and asked mom if she would be able to have them done before Thanksgiving.  Let me say, my mom is the best!  She has about a gazillion other things to do, yet she managed to fit them in for me!

I just love the colours.  There was only 4 meters on the roll, so I bought it all and just PRAYED it would be enough for my curtains.  By a mear fluke, the blue stripe in the material matches the paint colour in the living room perfectly...almost like I did it on purpose, bringing together the 2 room perfectly! 
I picked out this material, KNOWING the colour stripes would bring together both rooms!

It is such a thrill to walk into the kitchen and see it finished!

On to the garden in the front of the house!

Brian and I got it dug without killing each other, and then all I had to do was wait until I got some plants.  I refused to pay full price, so it was a couple months of plain ol' dirt, waiting for lovely flowers to join it.  Brian kept saying,

"Are you going to get some plants this weekend?"

"Nope, just wait a bit longer and everything will be reduced!"

Was I right or was I right?  Pretty much every bush we got was 50% off! 

I am sure I have actually purchased too many and once they fill out in a year or so, it will be over crowded and I will have to thin it out...but I am a "satisfaction in the moment" kind of girl and I need results NOW!  Right now it looks perfect and that is good enough!

The cattails are actually solar lights I had purchased at Costco at the beginning of the season...having no idea where to put them...just that I liked them A LOT!.  Then it occurred to me, they would look perfect next to my dry river bed in the garden.

I have a rose bush that is still in bloom and I have to start thinking about how to get it ready for winter, despite the summer like conditions this past week.  This garden also came together so much better than I had expected.  The only thing I wish we had done was put some landscaping fabric under the rocks, because now the weeds are starting to grow up through them and it will be a pain for Brian to maintain!

On this Thanksgiving Monday, we decided this garden needed one more addition:


Isn't he hilarious?!?

Brian saw a picture of this guy and wanted to make one for ourselves.  So, he built the frame, I got the pumpkins and we put him together.  Later that evening, I painted up the face.  Now, we will have to replace the pumpkins again in a couple weeks I am sure, as they will rot now that there are holes in them, and we still need to attach his hands, but I think he is pretty funny!

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