Friday, October 14, 2011

Like A Page Out Of A Story

As a kid, did anyone else ever read this book?

I clearly remember reading it and LOVING it!  I was delighted when I had kids that you can still get this book and quickly snapped it up.  I have read it to my kids and they enjoy it as well.

For those of you not familiar with this story, it goes a little like this:

"Here, Bert, put this pot on your head!" "Why! " "Because I broke the eggs." "What does that have to do with ...?" and Ernie commences explaining how one thing led him to the next and the next and... eventually Bert needs the pot on his head because his cowboy hat is being used elsewhere. Engaging, humorous read and/or a fun mental workout. Kids will think about chains of events and laugh at Ernie's wacky choices.  ( Thanks for the snippet)

What happened last night sort of reminds me of this story.

A little background:

From the day he was born, Hayden was just about the best little sleeper around and to this day, would still nap for a couple hours at a time if he was allowed!

However, within the past few month, he has turned into the WORST sleeper.  We have a heck of a time getting him to sleep in his bed.  For a while, he would migrate to the floor beside the bed, but now, it's not odd to find him on the couch watching cartoons at 2 a.m.

This is where he was last night.  I went to put him back to bed and turn off all the lights he had on.  Suddenly, I took a double take and noticed that he had on my pajama pants!

"Hayden, what are you doing with my pajama's on?"

"I was cold and there is no blanket in here.  See mom, no blanket on the chair"

As if that answers everything.  Why didn't he just bring his own blankets from bed?  What on earth would make him come in and grab my pants?!?!  It made me laugh and think of this story.  To him, it was perfectly logical to just use my clothes. 

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