Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Further Proof My Son May Have Been Switched At Birth!

I am not sure if I have ever mentioned that I often wonder if the little boy I brought home from the hospital is actually mine....sure he looks like both Brian and I, but I still wonder!

The events that transpired this morning only make me question this further.

Last night was Halloween and the kids had a pretty good haul.  Between the two of them (mostly Hayden), they had enough chocolate bars to fill one of those plastic pumpkin pails, plus enough bag of chips to fill a second one.  We left it on the kitchen table, with visions of wrappers all over the living room when I got up this morning.

At about 7, Hayden comes in and I can see chocolate on his face!

"Hayden, what did you eat this morning?" ( already confident of the answer)
"Oh, just a muffin"

Yup, he skipped the table of treats and helped himself to a chocolate chip banana muffin!

Seriously!?!?!  What kid does that?  Mine a little boy, he would have taken the cantaloupe over the cookie any day!

Abby on the other hand makes me proud! :-)

First thing she said when she walked into the kitchen this morning...

"Abby chip"

And no!  I didn't let her have them!

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