Friday, November 4, 2011

Parenting 101

I need to enroll in this course!

Or rather...I need to enroll in the section titled:

"Reverse Physiology and How To Use It To Your Advantage!"

I've told you about one of my attempts previously when I tried to take Dad down a few notched on the popularity pedestal! (which failed miserably, might I add!)

So this morning....I attempted reverse physiology again....and really, I should know better!

It's only the beginning of November and already Hayden has lost or misplaced about 3 pairs of mittens!  I mean, I have every other pair of mittens from every year that no longer fit, but I am talking about the ones I only bought about 2 weeks ago!

About 20 minutes before we have to head out, I go to gather up all of his "stuff" and can't find mitts or a hat.

I said to Hayden

"Hayden...did you forget to bring your mittens home AGAIN?!?!"

"No mom, they are in my bag"

"Well, you go and look for them, because I can't find them and if we don't find them, I don't have any other you will have to wear socks on your hands instead!"  *that will teach him!*

"Oh mom, I don't see them. but I found these socks" *he says as he puts them on!*

"Hayden!!!  You cannot wear socks!  All your friends will laugh at you for you want your friends to laugh at you?"

"Mom, the teacher will tell them to stop!"

That was the end of discussion for him.  No big deal...he can just wear socks and the teacher will look after him.

To be five again!

On a side note...

About 5 minutes later I had to apologize to him....I found his mittens in the side pocket of his backpack, under all the toy cars!

See!! I suck!!

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