Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pinterest Post Completed

As I mentioned a couple of blogs ago, I joined in a Pinterest completion challenge with a girlfriend and her sister.  I missed the January deadline for a big reveal of a project and will get my butt in gear for the next one in mid-Feb, but just wanted to show this small post of an item I saw on Pinterest and completed tonight

Yup....Cinnamon buns in the waffle maker!

Let me tell you...


They bake up in 5 minutes and the nooks and crannies hold all that yummy frosting so that when you bite in, it oozes all over your fingers.

Thank goodness I don't buy them very often.  I did figure though you could cut them in half and get 10 smaller ones, because once they spread out, they are pretty big.

Put this on your must try list if you have a waffle maker....they taste better than when you do them in the oven!

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