Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well, I thought I should put up a blog post on January 1, 2012!

Today was our Christmas visit with Brian's side of the family.  His brother and wife, plus their two kids were down to share in Christmas merriment and gift giving.

They don't live that far away, but we don't see them enough.  They came for a few hours and everyone had a great time.  The kids had fun with some more gifts and got to hang out with their cousins.

We got to catch up with the adults and eat yummy food.

It was the perfect excuse for me to try out my new stand mixer that I got for Christmas.

Hopefully the next visit won't be so far away.

As for New Year's resolution....

I need to get back on the healthy living bandwagon and will work on that tomorrow.  Also, I have LOTS of organizing to do. Now that the kids are in daycare, I get a lot more "me time" to get stuff done!

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