Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Well, this year, Christmas seemed to sneak up on us and was here before we knew it or were ready!

The whole Christmas season was off for me this year.  I couldn't get in the mood to decorate or bake.  Buy gifts or wrap them.  Usually I am chomping at the bit for December 1st to arrive.

I didn't even finish all of my shopping until the Thursday before!

Then is was Christmas Eve and things got interested.   Dinner that night didn't settle for either Brian or I.  By 8 O'Clock, I was in rough shape.  My stomach was in knots and anything but a horizontal position was painful.  By 9, I forced myself to put together everything for the morning and went to bed.

Settling into bed didn't make things better and I ended up spending the whole night in the bathroom.

Brian got up with Hayden at 5 and I told him to just go downstairs with Hayden to see what Santa brought.  At 6:30, they came in to get me.....they had decided to wait for Mommy to go downstairs as a family.  Truthfully, I was WAY to sick to even care!  I made my way downstairs to the couch.  The kids were crazed with the gifts Santa brought.  Even more overwhelmed with the presents under the tree.  About 45 minutes later, Brian came down and said he wasn't feeling so hot suddenly either (COPYCAT).  By 7:45 I couldn't wait one second longer to call mom and dad.  I don't even think I said Merry Christmas...just
"Mommy, I'm sick....please watch the kids until lunchtime?"

It was the LONGEST 15 minutes! waiting for Dad to come and pick them up!  We didn't even dress them, just through stuff in a plastic bag.  Brian was on the couch, and I was in the rocking chair, watching for the truck.  We kept saying back and forth..."do you see your dad yet?"

FINALLY he arrived, I told Hayden to open the door, waved goodbye and said thanks!  I crawled into bed and didn't wake up until about noon.   Dad brought the kids back home, declaring he and mom were done having kids and left (for his own nap I presume!)  Abby went for a nap, I left Hayden with his new toys and went back to bed.

At about 3ish, we were all up and I was starting to feel a bit hungry.  Our Christmas Day dinner consisted of soda crackers and toast.

We had a wonderful Boxing Day dinner at our house and feel pretty good now compared to where we were a few days ago.

I'm sharing a few of our adventures from Christmas Eve on, Christmas Day excluded, I didn't take one single picture that day!

Christmas Eve in their new jammies and matching chairs!

The kitchen Grampa made, complete with "granite" counter top

Brian's been working on his rink and Hayden's been working on his skating

Abby played dress up with her Princess stuff from Gramma

And finally,  Daddy played restaurant with Abby

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