Friday, February 17, 2012

Honey, Let's Paint!

Those 3 words that my husband HATES!

It's not that he hates painting, it's just that I usually utter them about the 2nd last day of his holidays.

Not this time!

I am going to be hosting a baby shower for my cousin and his wife.  They are due in a couple weeks with their first little guy and I couldn't wait to have a shower to celebrate once the little guy arrives.  I figure the shower will be in April sometime, so I mentioned to Brian a couple weeks ago that I wanted to paint before the shower.  See how nice I was, I gave him LOTS of notice.

Our bathroom was not that pretty and we hadn't done anything to it.  Each wall was ceramic tile about 4 feet high in a beige with brown specks.  It looks grimy and I really wished we could take it off, but I figured that would be opening a whole can of worms we were not interested in.

See!!!  Not pretty, and the tiles in the tub were starting to lift just a little in some spots.  So, Brian decided to see just how easily the tiles came off.  He started in a corner behind the door and it turns out, they just popped off.

I was left with a bathroom looking like this:

REALLY ugly now!  Our only problem of concern was the tub.  We were hoping the walls behind it were OK, but a bit doubtful to be honest.  Once Brian popped those tiles off, there was a bit of mold behind it, so we had to replace some drywall.  And while we were replacing drywall, might as well put in new taps!

We needed an inexpensive, easy fix for the shower walls.  At first we figured we would do tile board.  Then, the Home Hardware flyer came and they had a tub surround in the flyer for $60. Which was less than the tile board.  Tonight we put up the wall and I must say, it turned out pretty good for $60. It is a solution that should get us by for a few years.

Tomorrow, we (meaning Brian) has to silicone around all the edges and then it should be good to use. Also on the agenda of things to complete:

  • New Floor
  • Paint
  • Baseboard
  • Mirror
  • Counter top and sink (only if I can find a deal!)
  • Doorknob with lock
  • Window dressings
Over the next month and a half, we should have it complete.
 I will post more pictures as we go!


  1. looks great! so much for just painting lol... always the way with bathrooms. You will love it when it's done!