Monday, June 4, 2012

Carnival Fun

Yesterday was the company picnic for my Dad's work, Quaker Oats.  For years, it has been the same set up, and it works great.  They rent a small midway as the main feature and essentially, you get access to the few rides for about 4 hours.  It's ideal for Hayden's age, as he was able to go on every ride.

This is the first year the kids have gone.  The kids LOVED it!

Hayden's favorite was the fun house.  Like the one at the end of Grease!

This is where I share my experience.

So, first...let's mention that the movie Grease made that ride look AWESOME and sexy.  I mean Sandy and Danny rocked it in their leather skin tight outfits!

My experience was neither sexy nor AWESOME...not even a little bit!

It was back in high school and a girlfriend and I went to the Peterborough Ex.  At some point, we decided to go through the fun house.  Probably because we were down to our last few tickets and only had enough to go on this one.

Anyway, it started out grand (from what I remember), we were having a great time.....and then we got to the end...with the spinning tunnel!

She hopped in and made it through no problem!

My turn!

I too jumped into the tunnel and this is where the trouble begins.  I suppose it's because I'm not so nimble on my feet, but I suspect the ride attendant sped up the tunnel just as I entered, otherwise there is no other explanation as to why the next event happened.

I get in and my feet go out from underneath me....I apparently CANNOT walk in a moving tunnel.  I fall down, but you can't get back up in one of these I just lay there, rolling around like a wet load of laundry...tumbling around inside for what must have been HOURS!  I think I may have peed myself a bit laughing so hard at the same time. I tried crawling around even, but that didn't help either.  FINALLY, the attendant took some sympathy on me or was sore from laughing internally and shut the tunnel down so I could crawl out of it.  It was embarrassing and hysterical all at the same time.

I made the mistake of telling Brian this story and now whenever we see this moving tunnel, he just laughs at me.

Anyway, the moral of the story is...when your kids want to go in the fun house with the moving tunnel, send your husband!

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