Tuesday, June 19, 2012

That Was Some Scary Stuff!!

It was a peaceful evening in our house tonight...until about 6:15 pm and I think I just about crapped my pants.

We had a bat...IN-THE-HOUSE!!!!!

We were all sitting in the living room visiting before  I had to go out and suddenly, from out of the kitchen flies a bat.

I may or may not have shoved Abby off my lap onto the floor in my attempt to lay low on the sofa...AND...I may or may not have strained a muscle in my  neck at the same time.

Now, before you hear some wild stories and think my Macho Man of a husband handled the situation any better, because that is the story he will tell....he was ducking low as it swooped, you know, so it wouldn't get stuck in his HAIR and had to ask me what to do.

It eventually flew into the kitchen and I  yelled at him to close the french doors to trap it in there.

Under my expert direction, 'cause I know all about bats from my vampire novels, I told him to go and get a broom.

The bat is in the centre of the curtain

The broom just made him fly around the kitchen.  Once he swooped back to the curtain, I yelled through the glass door for Brian to go to the shed and get the fishing net.

He eventually caught it and took it outside.  All is well again in the Bickmore household.

Hayden thought it was GREAT and wanted to keep it as a pet...and poor Abby, wouldn't leave the couch because "I don't like that bird"

Check out the videos of this great event, not because they are high quality, but because they give you a sense of panic....the second one gives you a quick shot of my manly man with his big heavy work gloves and fishing know, in case he needs to touch it!?!  He's a wimp, but won't admit it.  (sorry it's sideways, I don't know how to fix that!)

I just told him he was lucky it wasn't in the middle of the night, because my foot would have been shoving his ass out of bed so quickly, his head would spin!

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