Sunday, July 15, 2012

Time For A Little Catch Up!

I realized today that it has been a few weeks since I have had a new blog post on here.

A couple reasons,

First off, I started another blog, which I am totally into right now.  Mostly because it is for the sole benefit of me.  Something that is completely selfish.  As any mother or wife knows, that doesn't happen too often!

Secondly, because not much is going on in this everyday life.  Summer holidays are a couple of weeks away and that should allow for a few more updates.

As for what has been going on....

Let's break it down by kid shall we.

Miss Abigail,

or as Hayden refers to her when he is angry:

- Abigail Margarine Lynne (It's Marjorie, btw!)

She is permanently glued to her dad's side.  There is no where he can go, except for work or golf, that she doesn't follow! She claims she doesn't love me and lets me do NOTHING for her.  Which is great by the way, in case you were feeling bad for me there for a second!  HOWEVER, her closeness to dad has also encouraged her to use certain phrases that dad is fond of.

Mainly being "Jeez"

I was on the treadmill last night and yelled upstairs to Brian.  Abby was in bed, but over the monitor I heard

"Dada is in shower Mama, Jeez!"

So, here are some pics to show just what we have been up to around here!

Abby got a new dress, handmade by Gramma!  Best part for her?

A pocket to hold her sucky!

She got her first taste of the river this year too!

Both at the beach and the cottage!  She was almost asleep in that tube and would have been happy to nap there had she not kept floating towards the dock, which freaked her out!

At home, Abby is never far from a baby doll!  That girl LOVES her babies!

Now for Hayden,

Or as Abby was calling him this morning "Hayds"

He is my sensitive boy, who spends the majority of his day crying or whining about something.  Whether is Abby picking on him or not getting to watch his new favorite show, "The Octonauts"

He harvested his first round of beans and he and I had our Green Bean Challenge.  

We all agreed that we are not a Green Bean family!

He spent some time in the water too.  Both at the beach and a cottage sleepover with Gramma and Grampa!

He happily floated and swam when he was with just Grampa, and once we arrived, whined and cried the day away!  Ah well!  That is just his personality.

And finally for Hayden,

He became a Q-Ball again!  Gramma did it last Wednesday, and it is ALWAYS a shock to my system!  Can't wait until it grows in just a little bit!

So, there you have it...a quick snip-it of our Adventures so far this summer.

We are headed to Ottawa for a few days in August.  Can't wait!

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