Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back Into The Land Of Grown-Ups!

First off...I gotta say, being an adult is not all it cracked up to be!  I am pretty sure my parents had it know, in the "good 'ol days!"

I either didn't get the "grown up" gene or I suck at it!  Leaning towards the suck at it aspect!

Some days when I am home...I stand and look around and think....hmmm...I don't know how I got myself into this responsibility crap!  It was so much easier when mom and dad made all of my decisions.  Anyhoo...I'm rambling!

In the spirit of being all grown up like, I decided it was time to start meal planning again.   It wouldn't be such a concern for me if I didn't have to go to work, but if I want food to use in my meal's a must.  I stopped planning quite some time ago and have suffered for it.  Life felt out of control and we went from eating out very little to eating out too much.

It used to be that Tuesdays was the only real problem night, but now Hayden has started hockey and Abby is in skating our weeknights look this this:

Monday - my later night at work and possible hockey at 6
Tuesday - my TOPS night
Wednesday - possible hockey at 6
Thursday - clear and free
Friday - skating at 6:20

So, as you can see, it's pretty busy.

My meal planning was spurred on by a GREAT cookbook I got for Christmas from one of the guys I work with.

Thanks for the picture

This cookbook is hands down, funniest book I have ever read!  It's a complete parody of the Fifty Shades of Grey series and it nails it.  It's the first time in my entire life that I have actually sat and read a cookbook, cover to cover.  Even the recipes are humorous.  Plus, they are good recipes, ones I could see myself making and they don't need about 1000 special ingredients that I have to find in a back ally somewhere.

Here is a little peek from the introduction of  the book:
How have I gotten myself into this?  I glance around the spotless, meticulously organized kitchen:  trussing twine, skewers, mallets - is that a cleaver?  Holy crap......Instantly I feel hands on me, lifting me carefully from the tiles. Long powerful fingers cradle me from underneath and expertly tuck my giblets back in place.  Holy cow.  Something clenches deep inside me.

I loved the book so much that I had to go and grab it for the gift exchange with my family.  Costco sells it for about $14.  Well worth the money. 

I also downloaded an app for meal planning called Pepper Plate - I haven't used it too much other than meal planning, but it looks like you can use their website and add recepies, shopping lists, etc.

So, here is the meal plan for the next two weeks, starting Friday.

Friday, Jan. 11 - waffles and bacon
Saturday, Jan. 12 - Fifty Shades of Chicken night (Crisp baked chicken with honey mustard and lime)
Sunday, Jan 13 - Roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn and Yorkshire pudding
Monday, Jan. 14 - Hockey night = toast
Tuesday, Jan. 15 - Chicken fingers and tater tots
Wednesday, Jan. 16 - Pulled pork and onion rings
Thursday, Jan. 17 - Lasagna, Caesar salad and garlic bread
Friday, Jan. 18 - Sandwiches
Saturday, Jan. 19 - Fifty Shades of Chicken night (Roast chicken with brandy-vanilla butter)
Sunday, Jan. 20 - Pork Chops, baked potatoes and carrots
Monday, Jan. 21 - Hockey
Tuesday, Jan. 22 - Tacos
Wednesday, Jan. 23 - Shish kabobs, bread, corn and potato

To make things go smooth and fast, it means that I have to spend some time in my evenings to prep and get stuff ready.  For example, I can cook the meat for the tacos the night before and grate the cheese, etc.  This is one of the parts I hate the most.  After a long day, there is nothing more I like to do better than sit down and relax, but I will thank myself for it. 

If you don't meal plan and you feel things are a bit hectic, I suggest you try it.  It does make a difference.  Throw in a "new recipe night"....if you are like me, you have TONS of recipes you want to try out, but end up sticking to the same ol', same ol', pick a night that you have lots of's why I pick's the least stressful night for me. I would love to hear some of your favorite meals!


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  1. Will have to look at that APP. What platform is is on? iPhone? Are you using Brian's or did you get your own??? (If yes you must send me a text... even if it is a different phone... i can bug you easier over text)
    Blair keeps bugging me to meal plan... something I should probably think about
    Great post :)
    I have my TOPS meeting tonight... lets see if I have lost any of the 3 pounds gained over xmas.