Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh Hunny!

So, this post is about my husband. 

Right now, I am sure he is quaking in his boots.....wondering what else I can share about him.  I mean, there are so many embarrassing stories to share. 

I mean, I did share the hot tub story.

I could share the one where for a good week straight, Abby shared at daycare that daddy has black underwear with holes.

Even better would be the story about the prank I played on him one evening, but that one IS pretty embarrassing and I did promise NOT to blog about it (so because it is on the hush-hush, you will have to e-mail me if you want the details on THAT one!)

Nope this one happened on Saturday while he was fixing my car.  He was just finishing up and decided to put air in the tires.  I watched him take the air cap off and pop it in his mouth.  My first thought was....uh....he puts parts of stranger's cars in his mouth?  What I said to him though was:

"Don't you ever worry about how many dogs have peed on that?"

He smiled and laughed and shrugged it off.  On to the next tire...I watch him closely and notice that he doesnt' pop the next 3 in his mouth!  I did get that hamster in his head thinking ICK!  It's only 15 years worth of working on cars = how many caps in your mouth and could have been tinkled on?  Perhaps that explains the receding hair line!

Love you hunny!  You make me smile everyday! See, I didn't even share the OTHER story from Sunday, which was even worse than this one!!

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