Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kids Say The Darndest Things

On our way to Niagara, Hayden says to dad

"Hey dad, let's put our hats on backwards and look cool!"

"You bet Hayden, and then we can really pick up the ladies!"

"Oh yeah, dad!"

Later on the 401, a corvette drives by and Brian says,

"Hey buddy!  That is the car we need to pick up chicks!  Pretty cool huh?"

I pipe in and add " yeah, but there are only 2 seats...nowhere to put those chicks"

"We would find room, wouldn't we Hayden"

This is where it gets fun, Hayden then says,

"But dad, we will need a big cardboard box"

Brian and I look at each other, a little puzzled, Hayden then continues,

"because chicks poop a lot!"

Apparently, Brian and Hayden will be picking up different chicks!

Then tonight, driving into town, Hayden and I take the road that my late grandfather's house is on (now my uncle's).

He correctly points out that Uncle Steve lives on this road..."not great grampa anymore though, because he is......he is......he is extinct.  Extinct means there are no more of them left!"

I had to agree with him.  Our great grampa is extinct, for there will NEVER be another one like him!

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