Wednesday, March 28, 2012

30 Day Mom Challenge

I came across this idea on Pinterest, and decided that on the next month with 30 days, I would start the challenge, and that happens to be April.  Here is an overview of the challenge:

Why might you ask did I want to challenge myself?  Well, I feel with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I forget that my kids are KIDS!  My days are spent focusing on getting everyone ready and out the door, going to work and doing any errands while I am in town, coming home and getting supper ready, cleaning up afterwards, getting the kids ready for bed, doing household chores in the evening and finding some time for myself to visit with Brian, have a bath, craft, etc.  It's terribly difficult and I do have a hard time finding the balance in there.

Some could argue that perhaps I should stay home with my kids and then it wouldn't perhaps be such a challenge.  First of, financially, the bank account insists I work, especially if we want to eat and do some fun things.  Secondly, I am just NOT THAT TYPE OF MOM!  I have said it before, I am not meant to be a stay at home mom.  I love my children, but my patience is short, which is not the best combo for a mom with young children.  I am home on Wednesdays and it can feel like the longest day of the week. Part of it is that the kids want to be played with, cuddled, etc - which is great and fine!  I also see a mountain of things I can do on my day off, dishes, laundry, know...the usual.  I try my best to find a  happy medium but some Wednesdays has that being a bigger challenge than others.

Most days I feel like I'm a good mom.  My kids know I love them and they make me laugh and smile at just how darn cute they are!

Other days however, I feel like I could do a better job.  I am hoping this challenge will allow me to appreciate my children for who they are...a 5 year old boy and a 2 year old girl!

Anyone want to join me in this challenge?  I am going to blog each day about the results of each day's challenge.  Don't have a blog and still want to try it out?  Comment on my Facebook link, that would be great too!  You have a couple days to ponder it as April 1st is Sunday.

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