Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bathroom Reno - Sneak Peek

So, in case you missed it....on Friday, I was pretty darn excited about the weekend.  There was lots of work planned for the bathroom.  The pieces we had picked up over the weeks for the bathroom were just waiting to be incorporated into the bathroom.

Brian got home from work around 1:00 pm on  Friday and started painting.  The colour I chose was a bright yellow, (Behr's June Day).  I wanted something that would go with the lime green in my kitchen and this paint was as lemony as the green is limey.

Brian told me I could NOT take any pictures of the bathroom until today.  We wanted to get all the walls painted, the new curtain rod up, the new counter and sink in place and the new lights.  That got me thinking today, we are not yet quite finished with the bathroom.  There is still the floor and trim to complete.

So, in keeping with Brian, I am not going to show you all the details of the bathroom yet, rather just give you a little sneak peek.


I must say, I LOVE IT!!  I found this shower curtain and paid way more than I have ever thought of paying for a shower curtain,but I saw it and knew I HAD to have it.  I would have not been happy with any other choice I could have made.

I will give you a look into a little project I completed today for the bathroom though.

First off, A little story to go with it.   My next purchase for the bathroom was going to be a new mirror.  I had looked around a fair bit, but hadn't seen anything I really liked.  The previous mirror was just a plain sheet that took up the whole space between the cupboards on the wall.  I wanted something either rectangular or oval.  The problem with the other mirror, aside from it's ugliness, was that it was too high for the kids to see themselves in when they brushed their teeth.  They had to sit on the counter to see and it would end up with a bit of mess of toothpaste and spit all over the place.

Not often would I take Brian's advice nor would he bother to give any regarding decorating and design, but he hit a home run today.  He says to me, how about using that old mirror downstairs.  I had completely forgot about it.  It had got tucked into the spare room out of the way and it didn't even cross my mind.  It needed paint desperately, but that was an easy fix.  It was perfect.  The right shape with a bit of design to it.

Here is the before picture:

And here is the finished product:

I painted the frame black and some varnish for shine.

Now, I will give you a visual hint for my next project for the bathroom....the picture is the only hint to keep you wondering

Ok, one more hint....the idea came from Pinterest!

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  1. Looks awesome! We did the lemon-lime combo as well so, of course, I love it! Can't wait to see all the after photos!