Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Life As We Know It!

It's September and in the world of parents that means one thing...BACK TO SCHOOL!

It was a biggie this year.  Hayden started grade one and as of day two, he loves it!

We have not had any problem with him going off to the big yard and the last two mornings have been tear-free, which is a HUGE deal for me, it hasn't been that way since about March.  He apparently just loves me so much that it made him cry at every drop off, school or daycare.

I did take some pictures of the first day, but Abby took my camera today and then while I was trying to get it from her, she ran into the desk, fell to the floor and dropped the camera.  It broke the shutter and now the camera won't turn on!  Crap-ola!

Anyway, that has been the big deal on the family front.

On a personal mom and I are trying our hand at a new craft venture.  I just love to be crafty and last year, we did a craft sale.  I had wanted to do one for so long.  We took both crafts and baking.  The baking sold very well, but on the craft front...we didn't sell very much at all.  My aunt actually took the majority of the crafts and sold them at her office, so we did fine in recouping our costs, but not in the format we wanted.

This year, I suggested to her, we start trying to sell our items through our friends and groups on Facebook.

We are not doing it because we HAVE to in order to support our family.  For me, it's about wanting to take something fun and share it with others.

This is the craft we are starting with!

Tom The Turkey

Isn't he cute?!?  I sure think so!  He's perfect for Thanksgiving and it's a bit closer than I give it credit for.

I am working on a couple other crafts too, but don't have any complete to share yet.

I am also going to work on starting a website to have all of the craft items available in one place to view.  Like I said, we are not doing this to make millions by any means...just share our passion. I say "we", it's my passion, but mom has gotten roped in because she is better at the detail painting than I am and she can't resist her darling daughter!!  We decided to name ourselves LyAmy Krafts (pronounced Lame-e).  That is just another sign that we are in this for fun, I mean...who calls their crafts LAME? 

I also thought, this format will let us do the crafts as an order in comparison to having 20 on hand and no homes for them.

So, dear friends...if you are reading this, I would REALLY appreciate it if you shared this with your friends.  I also have a "poster" on my Facebook page with the details.  Stay tuned for more crafts shortly, both for the fall and winter!

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