Thursday, November 8, 2012

Take That!

So, the past couple of days have been "one of those days!"

Yesterday, we had to put one of our cats down.  Now, while that is unfortunate, it's not breaking my heart.  And yes, I do have one!  She was getting old, was diabetic, urinating throughout the entire house and we had put this off for quite some time.  We finally had to make the choice and just do it.  It's crappy that taking the animals and having to put them down has become part of my job description in the house, but it is and I deal with it.

From noon on, I answered the same questions from Abby,

"where's Tiggy?"
"when's she coming home?"

The 2 year old just doesn't get it.

Then, we picked Hayden up from school and the pair of them argued, cried and yelled at each other until bedtime @ 8:00. My patience was thin.
This fighting continued this morning, plus throw in some non-listening ears and I was ready to hang them both up by their ankles! I could clearly see it was going to be one of the those mornings when I get them ready and make them wait in the car for about 10 minutes before I come out.  I mean, I can't hear them fighting in the garage!

Just as I have had my last outburst with them while trying to explain to Hayden that he has incorrectly put on his snow pants for the 2nd time in a row, the phone rings at 8:20 am.

First off, the only people who call our house is my parents, Brian's brother, telemarketers and collection companies looking for my father-in-law.

It was one of the latter.  First off, I know this because of the number and secondly, there was all of that standard background noise.

The conversation (if that is what you want to call it) went like this!

me:  WHAT!

her: excuse me?


her:  Is that the proper way to answer the phone?

(now I'm really steaming, like I need phone etiquette from her, I do reception for a living)


her:  you really need to go and take a course on manners!


At this point, she then hung up.  I think I have now found a new way to answer the phone when these people call.  No better way to air out your frustrations then to the person on the other end of the line you don't want to talk to.

Now, some of you are saying....that poor girl, it's just her job!

Know what I say?  Occupational hazard.  You picked a career choice that is un-savory and you have to deal with it!  Don't like it?  Find a new job! Plain and Simple. 

Take a page out of my book, yell at the telemarketer.  You can always apologize if it's a legitimate call!


  1. My dear my dear my dear
    I think you need a weekend away from stress!
    Hope you have a better day today!

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