Monday, November 4, 2013

Update on Life - Abby Edition

So yesterday was the update on Hayden and as promised, today is Abby's turn.

With her 4th birthday just around the corner, she has started junior kindergarten this year too.  The first few weeks were rough.  While she loved school itself, getting her there was a different story.  The walk to the school and into the yard was like making her walk the green mile. 

She has a temper to her and don't you dare tell her no.  She's so much fun to be around though and still loves to play babies.

She has a natural affinity to animals.  We got a new kitten in May and she is the only one that can pick that cat up when it's going all crazy and have it just lay there in her arms and give her kisses.

Here is a little look at my baby girl.

1 comment:

  1. She's absolutely gorgeous!! Look at those cute pigtails!!

    I really would love to meet your kids!! Not as much as coming up to see you, but it would be an added bonus for sure!!

    When is the update on life : Amy edition coming out?!?!