Friday, November 5, 2010

I Want To Go To Heaven

Just by the name of this post, you could think many things.  Is she planning on giving up her evil ways!  Not a chance, they provide too much entertainment in my everyday life. 
Nope, this is what my son said to me last night.  Hayden's experience with death is fairly limited, as is rightfully should be at the tender age of 4.  However, within the last year, we have lost 2 pets and countless fish.  Last year we put down our dog Banchee and then about 2 months ago, our rabbit Max died.  This one affected him the most.  I think it's because it was the first "dead animal", the dog just wasn't there one day.  But Max, he gave her a kiss goodbye and helped to bury her in the yard.
He was downstairs with dad and he said " I miss Max, where is she?"  Brian told him that we miss Max too and she is in Heaven.  " With Banchee and Holly (gramma's cat)?"  " Where is Heaven?"  Way up in the sky, daddy told him.  He came upstairs and I had him sit with me on the couch.  We talked about what he had just said, and his final words to me before he hopped off the couch and ran off to continue pretending to be Woody from Toy Story was,  " I want to go to Heaven!"  I said to him, " You will, but not just yet, we all have to wait for our turn to go there and it's not your turn yet"
Inside, my parental panic set in.  He can't go to Heaven until I am there to meet him. Just the thought of it breaks my heart.  But I wish I could have the same perspective on life as a 4 year old some days, the world is not scary, everyone loves you and mom's kiss makes it all better.

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