Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Secret Addiction To The Baby Monitor

The baby monitor....a wonderful invention really.  I remember clearly and with a slight chuckle, when we picked one up before our son was born.  Brian was so excited to get them set up and test them out.  We put the base in the nursery and one receiver went in our bedroom upstairs.  Brian is upstairs and I hear...."Amy, can you hear me?  Testing 1, 2, 3!"  I can clearly hear him...but not through the monitor.  "Hun, the monitor doesn't work that way, you need to talk into the base!"
I also clearly remember when our son was first brought home, we slept upstairs and his bedroom was downstairs.  Overprotective and panicky like most new parents..."can you hear him breathing?"  I also remember hearing the first fart while he was sleeping, and it made us roar with laughter.
The baby monitor became a constant routine each night at bed...turn it on and make sure he's fine.  Our first night away from Hayden....boy, did we miss the sound of his breathing over the was really quiet.
I used it for Hayden until Abby came along.  Now it's her turn for it.  Again, I turn it on every night, but I'm not quite so panicky about hearing her breath.  I'm starting to loath the monitor.  Abby is NOT a sleeper and has me up at least once a night.  I'm sure if I didn't have the monitor, her little whimper cry would not wake me up.  I try and turn it off, but then I lay there thinking I hear her, switching the monitor on and off for an hour, just to check on her.  Tonight, I am going to try and not turn that darn monitor on at all.  Let's hope my addiction doesn't get the better of me :-)

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  1. You can do it Amy!!
    To be honest, when I first read the title of your post, I was hoping for some cool gossip about the people I used to live around lol
    I can remember babysitting a few times and hearing portable phone conversations through the monitor... Ah the joys of a small town :)
    Hope you have a good night tonight, and if you do turn it on, just try again :)