Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Towel Room

My husband reminded me last night of this funny conversation.

Let me start off by saying, anyone who knows me well, knows all the great stories about my in-laws.  For anyone who doesn't, let me give you a mental image....the Beverly Hillbilies BEFORE they hit oil...only difference, the Clampets only had 1 dog, not 30!  So it goes without saying, my husband's upbringing was not very family oriented or "classy" for lack of a better word.

We moved into our new home last year.  Compared to our previous abode, it's a mansion.  All the basic things most homes have, including storage space in the form of a linen closest.  We moved during the end of my pregnancy and the bulk of packing and unpacking rested on Brian's shoulders.  I remember trying to find something he had unpacked and he told me is was in the towel room! 
"Yeah, in the hall" 
"Oh, you mean the linen closet?"
"Is that what it is called?"
"Yup, it's called linen closet, not a towel room"

Officially, it's a linen closet, but in our house, it's the Towel Room!

Gotta love my husband and the smiles and laughs he gives me

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