Monday, March 21, 2011

I Think I Broke My Walking Partner

Last week, I once again decided it was time to get serious and lose weight.  The nicer weather is here and less snow is on the roads.

I hitched up my walking buddy and headed out.  Due to the lack of snow, there was no one trapped in avalanches to save, footing was much better on the roads.

We did our regular route, except I threw in a steep hill to climb.  Extra cardio you know!  I made it out, Wed, Thurs, Sat and Sunday.  The walk is about 2.5 km.  Honestly, by the end, I don't know who was pulling who to the door.  That's the good thing about a big dog, he has strenght!

Once we got home Saturday night, he lifted his right rear leg a bit, but I thought he was perhaps suffering the same fate as me...too tired to take one more step!

Last night he happily joined me again, but this time, it felt different.  He was slower, but still jolly.  By the time we got halfway done and going past the road that could take us the shorter way home, he was looking to head that way, but we pushed on and he got a bit slower.

Finally, on the home stretch, it looked like his hip gave out a bit a couple times.  If I had my cell phone, I might have been tempted to call Brian and have him come pick up the dog. I felt so bad.  I know that the larger breeds can have trouble with their hips.

So, I came home and told Brian that I think I might have broke Bristol.

"If I did break my walking partner, can I have a new one?" I asked.  In 4 short days, I have gotten used to the company. 

I will let him rest for a couple days and try him again. Perhaps he can only join me every other night.

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