Monday, March 28, 2011

The Power Of The Human Voice

It amazes me!  From baby's first babbles, to a yelling toddler, to the stories our seniors have to share, the human voice is an amazing thing.

One form of art with the voice is A cappella.  I am a secret A cappella junkie.  NBC has a show The Sing Off ----I LOVE IT!!

This was my favorite performance from the season...check it out

(Street Corner Symphony - Down On The Corner)

(did you watch?  Awesome right..and remember, NO instruments other than the human voice!!)

Don't get me wrong, I think all musicians are talented..but come on....when you can make an entire band with just people, THAT is talent!!

I am most partial to groups that sing songs I would recognise, but only use the power of the voice. But I am impressed by all of it.  In fact, in Peterborough, there was an A cappella group that was going around for Valentine's Day.  For $50.00, they would go and sing to someone, with the money going to charity.  I bluntly told Brian this would be an awesome gift and I would love singing men came to my place of employment.

I don't have a  large selection of A cappella songs, and until my most recent search, the only song I did have was "In The Still Of The Night" by Boyz To Men.

Then I came across a couple more.  Please forgive me if I have gotten their names wrong, but internet searches can be testy I find.

Anyway, Rockapella is a great band I have found and I found a FANTASTIC version of "Lean On Me" and my new favorite version to boot.  The video below just uses the song, but it was the only way I could figure out how to add the song.

(Off The Beat - Lean On Me)

I hope I am giving credit to the right group, and forgive me if I'm not...Now, this one is cleaver...listen for other "hidden" songs in the background.  It just makes me want to dance, but the dog gets all stupid and jumps at me when I do, so I either have to hide in the playroom behind the gate or just not dance...tonight I will just not dance.  Great walking tune.

So, I hope you can share a bit of appreciation with me and perhaps I have introduced you to a new genre of music!

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