Friday, April 1, 2011

A Month of Food....Almost!

Ok, so one of the bloggers I follow has just posted her dinner menu for the month of April

She loves her meal planning the stress it takes off dinner time.  So I though, what the heck, I'll give it a try.  However, I am going to start mine after the next grocery shop, which should be April 7, so my menu starts April 8.  I didn't put mine in a fancy chart like hers, because basically, I just was eager to do this blog and didn't have time to fiddle.

So here she goes..wish me luck!

Friday, April 8 - Macaroni and cheese
Saturday, April 9 - NEW RECIPE NIGHT (a new feature, recipe to be announced)
Sunday, April 10 - Homemade Pizza
Monday, April 11 - Burgers and Potato Salad
Tuesday, April 12 - Make Ahead French Toast and Bacon
Wednesday, April 13 - Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Onion Rings
Thursday, April 14 - Spaghetti and garlic bread
Friday, April 15 - Chicken fingers and fries
Saturday, April 16 - NEW RECIPE NIGHT
Sunday, April 17 - Roast Beef with potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, corn
Monday, April 18 - Chicken Alfredo with bread
Tuesday, April 19 - Bacon and Eggs, home fries and toast
Wednesday, April 20 - DATE NIGHT (going to see Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall)
Thursday, April 21 - Pork Chops with potatoes and sidekicks, corn
Friday, April 22 - Sandwiches with chips
Saturday, April 23 - Dinner @ mom's? (Easter Weekend)
Sunday, April 24 - Dinner @ mom's? (Easter Weekend)
Monday, April 25 - Tacos
Tuesday, April 26 - Brian and I's birthday (yup, same day, same year!)  THERE WILL BE CAKE!
Wednesday, April 27 - Lasagna with salad and garlic bread
Thursday, April 28 - Club House Sandwiches with chips
Friday, April 29 - Ham Steaks with sidekicks, corn
Saturday, April 30 - NEW RECIPE NIGHT

Perhaps this will help with my hatred of dinner planning!  No more getting home and forgetting to take something out and then having crappy take out.

Any suggestions for my new recipe nights?  Want one of mine?

Did you notice how little veggies are on my list...we are not veggie people.  I will cook corn most nights with the meat. Hayden loves corn and Brian eats it too...I like it, but could care less about eating it.  I often cook Abby peas.

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  1. Yum! It all looks delicious!! I love how you have one night a week where to you dedicate it to trying a new recipe. Maybe I'll try that next month. :)