Wednesday, April 6, 2011

H.E.K. Of A Card

Earlier this year, I joined a homemade gift exchange with some friends on Facebook.  The premise was you sign up with one friend and she will send me something homemade by the end of the year.  In exchange, I had to do the same thing for 5 other people.

So, I actually signed up with 2 different friends and the first of my gifts arrived in the mail today!

I love getting things other than bills and when it required a package notice, even better.

This woman is very crafty and from her I received a bunch of home made greeting cards.

A view of the different cards in the package

Close up of a few

A few more

So, now it is safe to say that I have no excuses for not sitting down and popping a few of these in the mail.

I knew she made cards and secretly hoped that was what I would receive from her.  I was not disappointed. 

So, all I have to say to sum this up is THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

A final snap shot of her clever product name!!  I think it's great!

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