Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That Was Some Good Cake!

This past Saturday, Mom and Dad came over with a cake she made to celebrate Brian and I's birthday ( believe it or not, our birthdays are the exact same day and year) Hayden was so excited all day for their visit and cake and ice cream.

It was a yummy cake and the left overs got to stay in our fridge...YAHOO!!!

This was the sight I saw when I opened the fridge Sunday Morning.

"Hayden, did you have some cake this morning?"
"Well,then who was into the cake...did you want to tell me the truth?"
"It was just an assident, right mom?"
"No, I don't think it was just an accident"
"I did it on plurpis?"
"Yes, I think you did.  What did you use to get the cake out?"
(as if I didn't already know)

With a smile, he holds up a hand

"Perhaps next time we should ask for help and use a knife huh?"

The sneaky little devil...there were no signs of cake on him anywhere....he must have licked his hand clean.  Brian was up about half an hour before me and was in the fridge, but he didn't notice.  I guess that is what can happen when you let your 4 year old get up before you in the mornings.

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