Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Morning To You

I have mentioned a few times that my son gets up each morning before us and for the most part....entertains himself quietly.  I am usually pretty aware of him...I hear him in the bathroom, kitchen cupboards, etc.

So, it was no surprise when I heard him toddling into my room Tuesday morning.  I figured he was going to throw a package of cookies in my face for me to open.

I felt a tap in the centre of my forehead...when I inched open my eyes....this is what greeted me

"I'm Spider-man...where's the trouble..I can help!"

"Thanks Spider-man, no trouble here this morning"

And off he ran.

A few minutes later....sans the mask

"I'm Peter Parker...If there's trouble let me know, I'll get Spider-man"

"Thanks trouble here"

Kids are so funny....What a better way to start your morning!

FYI, Hayden is OBSESSED with Spider-man and LOVES the original 1960's cartoon!

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