Monday, April 18, 2011

I Lost My Pants!

This post is exactly like it sounds!

Last week, I lost my favorite pair of pants.  I am sure some of the women out there know what I am talking's that pair of pants that make you feel sexy, you like the look, the fit, the colour and would wear them EVERYDAY if you thought no one would notice.

As far as I remembered, I washed them last weekend and hung them on the line to dry.  Now, I am not always the fastest at putting my clean clothes away ( mom is groaning, shaking her head, saying..that girl is never going to change!)  I went looking for them Monday morning, but couldn't find them, despite my quick search of all the usual places.

By Tuesday, I told Brian I was missing them and asked if he could please check his drawers.  The week got busy, but I still searched for those pants, even dug to the bottom of the laundry hamper.  At one point Brian said,

"Did someone steal them?"
"Well, if they did, they took them off the line and then re-arranged all the laundry"

By Saturday, I was completely at a loss as to where they could be.  I went through EVERY single drawer in the house, including the kids and bathroom.  No luck and I made Brian go through all of his again.  We searched high and low.  He was now making fun of me for this..."How can somebody LOSE a pair of pants!"

We were crawling into bed Saturday around 11 pm, still making fun of the missing pants, and I said:

"I mean, if they blew off the line, there would have been a gap and we would have seen them."

Brian sits up and says, "Hey, that just made me remember something! Come with me outside for a minute"

The scenario had that creepy movie murder scene feel to it....I mean, up until last week, he had a hammer in our bedroom for who knows WHAT reason!

"You're not taking me outside to murder me are you?"

"Just come on"  he is still in his underwear and grabs a flashlight. 

The mystery is solved!  Last week while he was cleaning up, he saw something behind the compost, but assumed it was a coat from the neighbours.  VOILA! My pants had been behind the compost all week.  Funny, because he was raking the hedge line last week, took compost out and so on, but not ONCE did he investigate the material.

Our new rule....if you see something in the hedge line that looks like cloths...please check it out!

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