Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Easter was fun this year.  Kids make all of these events fun again.

I made Hayden colour eggs.

After about colouring 5 eggs:

"Mom, you do it?"

The end result with a little help from mom

I remember colouring eggs as a kid and then I would pack them up and take them to Gramma and Grampa's.  I remember one Easter my Grampa eating the eggs instead of allowing them to go in the garbage.  Pretty gross, I know, but he came from the depression era..nothing went to waste.  Those eggs had sat out for about a week, and they stunk...when he peeled them, they were the colour of the dye, blue, pink, green.  He ate them all!  I was disgusted :-)  But I never forgot that!

On that note...I realized a couple weeks ago, this would be my first Easter without my Grampa.  After my Gramma passed away, he spent every holiday meal at our table.  Then I thought a little harder....this was not just my first holiday without Grampa..this was my first holiday without a Grandparent! While that saddens me, it also makes me proud to be able to say that :-)

Just a couple photos from the joys of Easter morning in the Bickmore Home

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