Sunday, May 1, 2011

May's Menu

Ok, so last month, I decided to take inspiration from one of the blogs I follow and plan out my dinner menus for the month.  Let me tell you, this took SO MUCH stress off of me.  I hate dinner time, especially during the week.  I get home and try and figure out what to eat while the kids are screaming and crying at my legs.  This allowed me to plan ahead as much as possible and even gave me a bit of time to tidy up the dishes before dinner.  So here goes for the month of May

May 1 - Pork Tenderloin, potatoes, corn and biscuits
May 2 - grilled cheese and soup (soccer night)
May 3 - Bacon, eggs and toast (TOPS night)
May 4 - Ham Steak, Potatoes and sidekicks
May 5 - Spaghetti and garlic bread OR shopping night
May 6 - Hamburgers

May 8 - Roast Chicken, potatoes and corn
May 9 - Hot Dogs (soccer night)
May 10 - Omelets and bacon (TOPS night)
May 11 - Ribs and fries
May 12 - Meatballs and rice
May 13 - Lasagna and garlic bread

May 15 - Shish kabobs, corn, potatoes, bread
May 16 - Cheese and bacon snacks (soccer night)
May 17 - Pizza (TOPS night)
May 18 - Clubhouse sandwiches and chips
May 19 - Macaroni and cheese OR shopping night
May 20 - Steak, potatoes, corn, mushrooms, bread
May 21 - Hamburgers, potato salad and macaroni salad (GARAGE SALE)

May 22 - Roast beef, potatoes, corn, gravy, Yorkshire pudding
May 23 - Grilled cheese (soccer night...I think?)
May 24 - Texas Tommies and tater tots (TOPS night)
May 25 - Chicken Alfredo
May 26 - Tacos
May 27 - Pork chops, sidekicks, potatoes

May 29 - Chicken stew, bread and biscuits
May 30 - Sandwiches and chips (soccer night)
May 31 - Chicken fingers and fries (TOPS night)

So, there you have it...anyone have suggestions for my new recipe nights?

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