Friday, May 27, 2011

Out Of Control

Ever have moments like that....where everything seems out of control.

The last month has been like that for me, and with no one to blame but myself.

Basically, I have been lazy!

This lack of control has affected all aspects of my life within the last month.  April was bad with 2 birthdays, and countless celebrations.  Not that I should allow that to be my excuse...but it is :-)

I made a menu plan for last month, but didn't follow it at all, didn't buy the ingredients I would need to  make any of the things.  Relied on the same ol' boring meals, and if that failed...TAKE OUT!

My goal of a healthy lifestyle change went down the "crapper" as well and the scales were proof of that.  I wasn't able to enjoy dessert just a couple times, instead figured I had already blew it, might as well keep at it.  I stopped tracking my food consumption and portion control. I let the weather stop me from walking....TISK TISK!

I found myself lacking energy to do anything.  Some nights I would even give Hayden a choice between watching a cartoon before bed or reading stories...knowing he will pick the TV show.

So, I have slapped myself on the hand and my goal is to be back on track for June 1.  So, feel free to remind me up until then and check in with me after then.

Just so this post isn't so boring and depressing...
This picture was in Tuesday's examiner....Hayden was asked to pose with a donation cheque while at Five Counties a couple weeks ago.  The photo turned out well....once I convinced him to loose the spiderman hat and glasses :-)

1 comment:

  1. You will get back on track
    But as a good friend told me a few weeks ago... Don't wait! Get back to it now!
    Even if you don't track until then, think "healthy".
    It is a lifestyle change and I know how hard it is to change that lifestyle!
    I am up in calories this week and especially today. Need to get at least 1 really good walk in this weekend... hopefully I can swing 2 :)