Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Pictures Tell The Story

First, look at the pictures and see if you can figure out the story of the events that took place in our house Wednesday morning.  Afterwards, I will fill the details and dialogue

Please note...I do not keep bread on the garage floor

While these events took place Wednesday morning, the story actually starts after dinner on Tuesday.  For dessert, Hayden had a fudgesicle and after it was finished, wanted a second one.  I told him no and Daddy said he could have 2 tomorrow.

6:30 am in comes the wake up call

" moooomy....Spiderman is on and I alllways wake daddy up to watch it with me"
"yes, well, mommy doesn't get up early like daddy, so away you go"

About 15 minutes later

"moooomy, daddy said I could have two ice creams today, can I have one now?"
"no, you can wait until mommy gets come and wake me up AFTER the first Inspector Gadget"

Another 15 minutes later

"moooomy, I have a deal for you.....I can have my ice cream now BEFORE Inspector Gadget!"
" How about this deal, now you don't get one at all"

He leaves the room, screaming and stomping about how he doesn't like me or the deal

This wakes Abby up and now she is crying, so I roll out of bed and get her...from the living room, I hear scurrying....and know that Hayden has opened the fudgesicle and is trying to hide from me.

I get Abby out and head out to the back to let the dog out, open the door to the garage and notice a loaf of bread on the floor.  I pass the dresser in the kitchen and notice his scissors and the fudgesicle wrapper.

The coffee table mysteriously has a blanket on it to act as a great hiding place...however, the pesky little sister can't be fooled.

Hayden is not a good hider, hence his still visible bum.

I remove the blanket and low and behold...a chocolate faced little boy.  It sure started my morning off with a laugh.

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