Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mom Challenge - Day's 26 - 30

Day 26

Make it a point to encourage your child today.

I think I do a good job at encouraging my children everyday.  For Abby, it is about her potty-using skills.  Hayden is often about his language skills and the good use of different words.

Day 27

Do one thing that is good for your health: walk 10 minutes, eat a piece of fruit or get a good night’s sleep.

I must say, the house was busy this week prepping for a baby shower, about the only thing I had time for WAS a good night’s sleep!

Day 28

Teach your child a new word.

I had real good intentions with this one, but it was baby shower day!  Hayden actually did a pretty good job at impressing me with words I didn’t know he was aware of.  “our first party-goers are here”  “Oh, we have another customer”

Day 29

Turn off your phone, computer or TV today when your child is with you.

I personally don’t use the phone or computer much during the day OR watch TV when the kids are around.  I will admit though, we are a big TV family.  It is ALWAYS on!  Mostly for background noise, but that is just a way of life for us.

Day 30

Today’s focus: Love

No brainer one!  You can’t have kids and not feel love everyday!  I love them to no end!

So, that is the end of the challenge.  How do you think I did?  My opinion…well, I didn’t blog it everyday like I intended, but I didn’t want to bore myself and everyone else with it.

I went into it thinking it might help improve some of my mothering skills, but in the end, what it did for me was make me realize I am already a pretty great mom!  Most of the challenges are something I do on a regular basis with my kids.  I will admit, about half way into the challenge, I got bored with it.  It seemed redundant to blog about everyday mom stuff.  But, I kept it up until the end.    Now I can start blogging about fun stuff again!

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