Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Valid Reason For My Lack Of Blogging!

Over the past 6 weeks or so, my state of blogging has been sorely amiss.

There is a good reason for that....

.....we got a hot tub!

We have wanted one for quite some time but knew we could not afford a new one.  Those things can be pretty pricey.....with more bells and whistles than my car!

We found one that didn't cost us aside from the repairs it needed, which were pretty minimal.

So, almost every night, around 9/9:30 we head to the hot tub and then right to bed.  There is so little time for blogging.

The set up for the hot tub is pretty great.  You walk out of the sun porch and off of the deck we put up for the b.b.q.  A couple of weeks ago, we put up a bit of a privacy fence so you can't see the tub from the road.

What do you think?

We still need to built a base around the tub, but that is minor for now.  The kids love the hot tub too and that is their big treat on the weekends.

It was apparent in the beginning though that according to my husband at least, I lacked a certain "hot tub etiquette"

Let me tell you the story and you can decide.

Please keep in mind that this all happened BEFORE the privacy fence went up.

It was our second night with the hot tub up and running.  We waited until about 10 pm and decided that we would go in with nothing but our birthday suits on.  It was great, we just sat and talked for about 20 minutes..but it was COLD outside.  It's not a long run to the house, but long enough when you are naked and wet.  So, we stand up out of the tub and it's nippy!  I step onto the deck, grab my towel and shoes and bolt it to the porch!

The problem?  There is a sensor light on the back shed that will go off when you hit the stairs to the deck.  So as I ran for warmth and cover, Brian got "stranded" in the hot tub, struggling to put the cover on, naked and cold, praying that a car didn't drive by, seeing he was now so nicely illuminated by the sensor light. I figured he was right behind me this whole time!

He called me a dink!  Seriously though!  Who's the dink?  Screw the cover...come inside, get dressed and then go back out!  I mean, that only makes the most logical sense don't you think! But NO! Since then,  he has not gone naked, even though there is no longer the threat of passerby's seeing him and I try really hard not to turn the light on.

For us, a hot tub makes perfect sense....we are home-bodies.  I don't dream of trips to Cuba or any other warm destination. I would just rather stay at home and this makes for a wonderful end to the evening.  It is also a great place for Brian and I to just sit and talk about our day without the interruption of kids or phones or anything else.  We probably use it about 5 nights a week and twice on weekends. An investment that has been worth while if I must say.

Anyone up for a hot tub party?


  1. Awesome! We were just away all weekend with a hot tub and we decided that some day we must have one! We figured they are expensive but we were also worried about the maintenance - is it high maintenance?

    Love the story too!

    1. Diana, Brian does all the maintenance with the hot tub, but he doesn't spent hours doing it by any means..maybe an hour a week