Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anyone Up For A Game Of Pool?

Now that we have a bigger house, I'm wishing my dad didn't give away the pool table a few years ago.

I've got a couple Q balls kicking around and could make good use of them

See, the story goes like this....

Last time we got Hayden's hair cut, we decided that next time, we would skip the hair salon and just use the largest attachment of the hair clippers.

So yesterday, we borrowed mom and dad's clippers and I attempted to do his hair.  Now, about the only thing I can chalk this experience up to is the clippers are getting a bit dull, but because Dad's hair is short, you don't notice.

All Hayden did was cry that it was pulling his hair and it clearly was NOT cutting it.

I got one side burn trimmed:

But I just couldn't get the clippers to cut any more and torturing my son was not part of the game plan at 7:00 pm.  At this point....he now just looked like a dork!  Brian's job the next day was to take him in to get it buzzed off.  Brian's so embarrassed by this look that he planned to just tell the hair dresser that Hayden got into the clippers himself and we need them to fix it!

Today, Brian took him in to finish the job correctly

I almost cried when Brian sent me a picture at work.  Before it was even done, I wasn't quite coming to terms with shaving it off.  I mean, I know it's only hair and in about a month, it will be back


HIS HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everytime we go out people still say:

"Oh look at his hair...I LOVE the colour!"

Well, now it's not as startling red. 

But he likes it and I still love him!

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