Friday, August 12, 2011

Back In The Hot Seat

Yesterday, I did something I have not done in about 10 years!

Rode a bike!

My old bike was hanging at my parents and if I didn't want it, it was going to the dump!  So, my dad brought it over, and Brian got it all cleaned up.   Now, it needs new tires and he wants to paint it, but other than that....still slick!

The old saying goes "It's like riding a bike"....meaning, you never forget how.

Ok....that may be true.

I certainly remembered the mechanics of it


It felt awkward, turning was not smooth, and I think I have shrunk a bit over the past 10 years.  Last time I remember, I could have my butt on the seat and my feet on the ground.  Not now!

Anyway, once I know it is secure...I may take the old beauty for another little spin...but on flat surfaces only!

No way am I ready to attack hills yet!!

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